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Fornication is Carcinogenic

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This book is packed with eye opening revelations, teachings, amazing lessons from the Lord and so much more! All these and so many facts as you read on, is just for ₦400 only! Yeah just ₦400 only…

You can increase and choose the number copies as much as you want to buy, with the + plus sign on the payment portal. This way, you can buy for your friends, loved ones and anyone you want Jesus Christ to save their souls, so that they won't end up in hell and you will be greatly blessed for doing just that.

The title of the book itself came by revelation from the Holy Spirit. The Rapture is near and anyone that is not in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, is at serious risk of missing heaven. You will learn among many things in this book;

How much our Lord Jesus Christ wants to be in an intimate interpersonal relationship with you and how you can be in this kind of sweet wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ like I am enjoying till date! Find out the sweetness and benefits of you being in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Find out what Jesus says about boyfriends and girlfriends and fornication. Find out what makes many marriages illegal before God, thereby turning the husband and wife into fornicators without their knowing it.

Find out what our Lord Jesus Christ says is the real reason for post abortion abdominal pains. Any lady that does an abortion will usually have abdominal pains after the abortion. I didn't even know of any such pain until the Holy Spirit told me. After all, what business do I have with fornication and abortion as a preacher? 

Find out in this book, what Jesus says is the real cause of all abdominal pains after an abortion of any pregnancy by all women of all age brackets without any exception, contrary to what the doctors say.

Find out the connection between Spiritual Cancers, Fornication and Abortion as revealed by our Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Find out the implication of saying Rest in Peace to a dead person that is not in heaven!

Discover and learn from the case of 3 different pastors who didn't even know their marriages were in error, until the Lord revealed it together with the solutions and so much more details.

Click the Pay button below or above to buy this amazing eBook. You'll get an email after payment to download the eBook to your phone or device and start reading. The hard copy will be coming out soon, in due course.

After payment, you will be redirected to our "Rapture Preparations & Awareness Group" on Facebook. We invite you to Join this group and grow in the Lord, as we continue our preparations for the Rapture, because it is now even nearer than we all know or yet understand.

For anyone outside Nigeria who cannot pay in our local currency naira, the price is $2.5 only. Kindly use the corresponding US dollar pay button to buy this wonderful book and buy for others too and help save souls from hell.

Remain blessed and Rapture-able in Jesus name. We are waiting for your feedback after reading this amazing book!

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2 reviews for Fornication is Carcinogenic

  1. admin

    This is an amazing book

  2. Manny Emmanuel

    This is a wonderful book everyone should read. In fact it is a must read for all!

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